As a student run club, E’Ship is grateful to have a group of very passionate faculty members at RISD to offer advice and support to help E’Ship make a greater impact on the community.


Aidan Pietre

Co-Founder of Ximedica and NEMIC

Aidan is the co-founder of Ximedica, one of the global leaders in design and consultancy for medial products. Currently he is co-leading the New England Medical Innovation Center (NEMIC). Aidan holds a Master of Industrial Design from RISD and teaches the industrial design course of Business in Design. Aidan has been a large support for E’Ship ever since the conception of our grant program, UpStart.

Scott Malloy

Senior Career Advisor, RISD Career Center

As RISD's Career Service's senior career advisor, Scott advises students and alumni on varied career concerns. Not only does he organize multiple career workshops throughout campus, he also co-leads entrepreneurial programming and initiatives throughout the RISD community.


Kevin Jankowski

Director of Career Services, RISD Career Center

Kevin leads RISD’s institutional efforts to connect education with fulfilling careers and work lives after graduation through a multitude of opportunities and comprehensive program. Kevin has helped connect the RISD community with hundreds of organizations. Along with Scott, Kevin also co-leads entrepreneurial programming on the RISD campus.

Erika Paradis

Director for RISD Center for Student Involvement

As director of RISD’s Center of Student Involvement (CSI), Erika makes sure that student clubs and initiatives can get the resources they need. Thanks to her and CSI’s dedicated staff, RISD has a bustling community of various clubs that help students extend their interests beyond art and design.


Greg Nemes

Co-Founder of Workshop Co.

Greg Nemes is Co-founder of Work-Shop Design Studio, a multidisciplinary design consultancy in Providence. Work-Shop partners with clients to help them achieve their most important creative goals and dreams. Their projects integrate brand, interior, digital and experience design, creating cohesive and impactful results that propel organizations forward. Greg holds a Master of Architecture from RISD.

Brandon Kim

Co-Founder of Brevite

Brandon is the co-founder of Brevite, a company that sells and produces unique camera bags. Brandon has has extensive exposure to the venture capitalist field and holds Master of Industrial Design from RISD. Brandon has been a great support and mentor in conceptualizing E’Ship’s UpStart program.


Bill Foulkes

Bill has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, people development, marketing and finance in both high-tech and consumer companies where he has successfully identified, communicated and implemented new business concepts and initiatives, led organizational change, built strategic partner relationships and led creative processes. He was involved with RISD E’Ship ever since the early days of the club.