E'ship's advisors are a team of passionate members of the RISD community, who are dedicated to helping students succeed.   

Scott Malloy

Senior Career Advisor, RISD Career Center

As RISD's Career Service's senior career advisor, Scott advises students and alumni on varied career concerns. Not only does he organize multiple career workshops throughout campus, he also co-leads entrepreneurial programming and initiatives throughout the RISD community.

Kevin Jankowski

Director of Career Services, RISD Career Center

Kevin leads RISD’s institutional efforts to connect education with fulfilling careers and work lives after graduation through a multitude of opportunities and comprehensive program. Kevin has helped connect the RISD community with hundreds of organizations. Along with Scott, Kevin also co-leads entrepreneurial programming on the RISD campus.

William J. Foulkes

Adjunct Professor, RISD

William is a strategic planning and marketing consultant, and faculty member at RISD. He has over twenty years of experience in marketing and finance in both high-tech and consumer companies. He holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Aidan Petrie

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of Ximedica

With over thirty companies under his belt, Aidan is a veteran entrepreneur. In addition to working at Ximedica, Aidan advises multiple healthcare startups throughout New England and is currently teaching a course at RISD's industrial design department. He holds a master's in industrial design from RISD.