RISD E’SHIP consists of a team of passionate members of the RISD community, who are dedicated to helping students succeed. The club is constantly changing and is always looking to take on bigger challenges to support entrepreneurship at RISD.


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RISD E’SHIP was founded in 2013 by Ryan Murphy, Winston Cuevas, and Amrit Mazumder. Ever since then E’Ship has served as RISD’s primary platform for entrepreneurship often hosting educational events, collaborating with local entrepreneurial groups, and providing to support for students. Over the years, E’Ship has helped multiple students and local entrepreneurs focusing on art and design. As a student run club, the club is constantly changing, but is always looking for new initiatives to engage the community.

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Ryan Murphy (ID ‘15)

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Winston Cuevas (ID ‘15)

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Amrit Mazumder (ID ‘15)


The UpStart program was founded in 2018 by Shivin Khanna, Oliver Zhao, and Advait Kalakkad. UpStart is E’Ship’s initiative to make entrepreneurship play a much bigger role in education at RISD through a cohesive accelerator through funding and programming, but most importantly, mentorship. UpStart aims to reengage RISD’s ever growing alumni network by connecting them with students through in-depth guidance. At least 45% of RISD’s alumnus are considered entrepreneurial, making RISD one of the most entrepreneurial colleges in the country. UpStart aims to continue this entrepreneurial trend by priming students better for such an exciting career path.

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Shivin Khanna (ID ‘19)

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Oliver Zhao (ID ‘19)


Advait Kalakkad (ID ‘19)